Repost: Dang-blasted Toddler Smokers

From CNN

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Smoking Hot Fridays

Some people…

I almost feel fortunate to have grown up poor–you never ever see poor people with these kinds of weird habits. These New Age folks crack me up, “Let me see how badly I can burn my feet!!” And they PAY for it…I can make a fire–I’m Native. I could hook them up!!! Quote from the second clip, “I walked on fire. And if I can do THAT, certainly I can go in there and ask for a raise.”

You could do that with any sort of masochistic rite, right? “I shot myself in the eye! Certainly I can go in there and ask for a raise…” “I gave myself a lobotomy–certainly I can go in there and ask for a raise!!”


Anyway–entertaining at the least!

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