Hi. My name is Gyasi.

These are random thoughts about random things; usually I relate them back to the “Native American” experience because, well, I’m Native and self-centered. I am not THE or even A spokesperson for all Natives, but I do think that my point of view is valid and worthwhile. I certainly do not claim to be the last word on anything, and I also try to have an open mind about stuff. So if there’s something in here that you disagree with, try me–you may change my mind. I appreciate any and all readers and look forward to talking to you.

Finally, I will have guest writers from time to time–you can probably assume that most of the “good” stuff was written by a guest. This is just fair warning that I cannot take credit/be blamed for everything that comes out on this page. They don’t “necessarily represent my views” and all of that jazz 🙂


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