JR Redwater: More Natives Succeeding

Editor’s Note: This dude is hilarious. I don’t know Jr. at all, but I’ve been an admirer for awhile. That’s right Mr. Redwater, you have a stalker. A big Blackfeet stalker. Scary. Change your locks. Hide your woman (ayyyeezzzz!!!!)

The truth is that there are a lot of Native comedians on the come up–obviously the legendary Charlie Hill and (less obviously) the silly Colville Vaughn Eaglebear come to mind, amongst many others. God bless all of them! Achieve those dreams! JR, however, is my favorite (for now!!! I’m fickle and always willing to change for cheap flattery!!)–he has a storytelling style that I’ve always appreciated from my favorite comedians: John Leguizamo, Bill Cosby, Chris Rock, George Lopez. That storytelling style is the “old man’s” perspective–not “let’s run down the hill and make love to a cow,” instead it’s “let’s walk down to the hill and make sweet, passionate love to ALL the cows.”

That’s JR Redwater. He wants to make sweet, sweet Lakota-style love to all the cows. In a good way (I think).

He doesn’t rush a punchline. He doesn’t impatiently wait for people to “get it.” The humor is in the totality of his delivery and his story, not a single punchline.

He is funny incarnate–heck, I think if his jokes DIDN’T have a punchline (which, sometimes they do not), they would STILL be funny.

I’m not going to slobber all over this Standing Rock man’s microphone too much longer. I just felt that it was important to point out yet another Native person succeeding on a big level. It’s going to become an even bigger level. Promise. Thanks for following your dreams, JR (and all other Natives succeeding)!!!

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  1. I thought he was the funniest on the Showtime Special. I can’t wait to see his act in person.

  2. You just gave him a new groupie… That was hysterical. I dont have cable, so I missed him on Showtime, I will have to see if I can get it on DVD or something. 😉 Thanks, I needed a good laugh today.

  3. I watched him on the Showtime special, pretty damn funny. I love your putting the spot light on Native success stories, these seem to me more special due to the nature of their professions. May their courage to persevere, be another opportunity for inspiration for other Natives across Indian Country.

  4. Very Good Show! Can’t wait to see One of your shows in person! Wish I could meet him in person!! Someday maybe?

  5. Love the show! Can’t wait to meet you in person! Someday Maybe?

  6. Gotta love devoted stalkers! Haha JR is awesome. Been to a number of his shows, a long with Vaughn and others. There is nothing like NDN humor and story telling is a gift. My sisters and I cite their jokes all the time in my house. 🙂

  7. I have an interview on my radio show coming up with him and let me tell you I CANT WAIT. He is hilarious. And to the author kudos to another Blackfeet brother I too am Blackfeet 😉
    Doe ❤

  8. JR Redwater should do a comedy tour thru the indian casinos. He was so funny on HBO talking about stuff that people usually ignore at the moment. . . like the way people dance. That was hilarious!!

  9. J.R. is hilarious, I love how he “Makes funn w/at himself” i feel that if U can’t laugh at Ur self u really don’t kno or understand HUMOR. I hail from S.R. also, I can relate to the topics he goes over.
    Luv U J.R.

  10. “you ain’t so tough now, are you?” Too funny! Thanks for the post!

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