Smokin’ Hot Fridays–Blacklodge

Just some good music. Blacklodge rocks, of course. They’re my cousins, so I’m a bit biased–but I think that even if they weren’t I would rock their music in my car and fake-Ipod. Their pow-wow songs are incredible–everyone knows them for that. Still, I’d take their handdrum/rounddance music over their pow-wow swag anyday. In the handdrum (not just with Blacklodge, but with everyone), you can really hear their voices. (oh yeah, nice flip flops Elgin).

Shawn is a lot less “out there”–he tends to stay out of the spotlight. In fact, he’s kinda a hermit these days. But he’s doing well, raising kids and a working man! Still, as the video shows, this guy has an amazing voice…

A little FYI about Blacklodge:

Although these guys are the cats me-wow in pow-wows and rounddances and such, their true gift was always in–you guessed it–breakdancing. Back in the day, ALL of them were nasty!! Best breakers in Browning–and that was saying something. When you learn how to breakdance on a dirt road, you REALLY REALLY know how to Breakdance. Turbo didn’t have anything on them.

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  1. I am ashamed to say I haven’t been to pow-wow in years. I use to really like them as a kid, but for all the wrong reasons, well not wrong but you know what I mean, mostly “girls”. Like most music, I never listened to the lyrics until a few years ago. I loved what I just heard, I need to get my ass back now that i can appreciate what is being said. Until then keep them coming.

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