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I love this. Some folks have made this about age. Some folks have made this about race. I see this being about “talkers” and “walkers”–that is, there are some folks who talk the talk. And there are others who are willing to walk the walk. We ALL know folks who talk big, like they’re gonna do amazing stuff. That’s cool–nothing wrong with ambition. The younger black cat was one of those–ambitious, but maybe with no clear idea of how to fulfill his ambitions.

Then there are those who like to stay a bit more silent about their intentions. Some folks will think they’re weak because they don’t talk a really good game. Still, when push comes to shove (or punch comes to face), those folks are really really handling their business. They just do it in a much more reserved way.

I love this.

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  1. Hello Gyasi, long time reader (NDN CNTRY 2DAY) first time commenting. I’ve gotta say I’m not one to typically enjoy senseless violence but when I saw that video I have to admit it was pretty funny. I think I may have the antidote to that video though. I actually did the filming and editing myself.

  2. Speaking of things that are horrible and funny this video reminds me of another one I saw. They even use the Mortal Kombat theme. Has anyone else seen this? At first I was just plain horrified but then my sister blurted out “He kicked the crap outta that baby” And since then I can’t think about it without laughing uncontrollably.

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