Forge–A Different Kind of Cheyenne??

Some Blackfeet might say that ALL Cheyennes are mutants. 🙂 I wouldn’t say such a thing (otherwise Ruben might beat me up). Instead, I’ll say that at least one Cheyenne is admittedly a mutant…and it’s done very well for his career. Folks (non-comic book nerds), meet Forge.

See, most folks know that there is a friendly (and sometimes not-so-friendly) rivalry between the different Montana tribes, especially in regards to basketball and physical attractiveness. As a Blackfeet man, I grew up thinking that Blackfeet were the Indigenous Gifts to the Universe. Gary Crossguns, Alan Spoonhunter and my uncle Armand made me think that! These are Blackfeet men who did Blackfeet stuff in a very, very Blackfeet way (i.e, the very very best way possible).

Later on, of course, you realize that things aren’t quite so simple as that. There are Blackfeet who cannot play basketball and who aren’t incredibly attractive. Very few, but some. And there are Crows and Cheyennes who play basketball at a very high level!!! And there’s one kid–a Cheyenne AND Blackfeet kid, who play(s)(ed) basketball at a very very high level, and caused some tension in our very-convenient assumptions about all of our respective tribal superiority complexes.

The kid challenged my assumptions, just like Forge did. I thought that both of them reflected Montana Natives very well, despite their pedigree. Heck, I guess–to a comic book nerd like myelf–he represented me well!! I wanted muscles like him! I wanted to be able to do McIver-ish things like Forge! He was the dude.

But he was Cheyenne.

Like that Cheyenne and Blackfeet kid, I had to admit that sometimes tribe doesn’t matter (and later on, I realized that about "race" as well, for the most part)…there are great people of all tribes. I later made ’nuff Cheyenne and Crow friends and realized that if I were in trouble–some super-villains were attacking me–I’d want this musclebound Cheyenne to come bail me out.

Here’s to Forge. And ALL tribes, I guess–even Cheyenne.

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