Journey Tribute–Rez Rules #1

In order to live/appreciate/know the Rez, you have to live/appreciate/know Journey. All you Santa Fe weirdos dying your hair black and figuring out your Cherokee grandma stories (or keeping your Navajo last names that you got during your six month marriage), you’re barking up the wrong tree. All you white kids at college who are trying to get in touch with your “tribal roots,” don’t wear the corny choker and some leather fringe. Please don’t. (or if you do, send me the pictures–I need a good laugh sometimes).

Rez life starts with the music. Whether pow-wow, rock, rap or country–you can tell a lot from a man’s cassette player (yes, I STILL rock cassettes–what????) Grass dance outfits to Jean jackets with the sleeves cut off, mullets and wristbands.

Yeah, like that.

And no other music signifies Rez life like Journey.

Sure, there’s groups/artists like Dio, Ronnie Milsap, Metallica and Tupac that CERTAINLY get big love on the Rez. And granted, I grew up breakdancing at pow-wows–getting really, really dusty doing flares to “Jam On It” (that’s a story for later on). Still, this is Rule #1 of the Rez Rules–nothing says “you grew up eating beef stew/cow tongue and farina” like rocking Journey.


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  1. ha ha. glad we have something to bond about then because journey is BIG in my growing up experience like beef heart (anticuchos) and meat pies (empanadas). i peep journey from my ipod now, though, and have been known to rock the mic at various karaoke bars bustin out my best rendition of “lights.” *laughing*

  2. YEAHHH!!! FOR LIFE!!!!!

  3. Good Post my dude. I gave a Journey cassete tape to my son two years ago he
    played that thing until the tape poped lol.
    So good music lives son through generations
    that’s what I apprciate about alot of the older music original feel good 🙂

  4. Great blog. You are dead on with your observation regarding music. Down in LB, it was “Bad Co., the Eagles and the bringers of the unofficial rez anthem: “AC-DC”. I defy anyone not to get all pumped up and frenzied when they hear the opening of “Thunderstruck”. Good times… Good times.

  5. For sure
    For me I got a soundtrack of my life…lol
    Journey always reminded me of my Auntie.
    But the guys hair….LMAO
    I am sure the ladies will agree hairspray use on the rez could be a cause of the ozone holes.

  6. You’re right about that! Nothing beats a good tune from days gone by. In my day – it was the Beatles, but then they will always survive. Thanks for the memories.

  7. Journey is one of the best, but now I’ve got “Jam On It” stuck in my head. I’ll wait patiently for the story about doing flares to “Jam On It” LOL

  8. what about CCR! Nothing says rez-life like CCR! lol I still bump Journey in private!

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