New Post, New Year/Multiculturalism

Okay, I’ve been remiss in my posting.  My apologies.  No excuses–I just need to take the time to be disciplined and post new materials.  These first few weeks, my focus will be primarily on how to put certain things on here: videos, links, pictures, etc.  Of course, I want it to be good. 

For this new post, here’s a link to a story that I did for another blog.  As the editor of that blog will tell you, I’m still very ambivalent about writing for it.  Not because I think it’s not worthwhile, mind you–mainly because I’m not sure about the foundations for the page.  It’s about multiculturalism, diversity, etc.  Those are certainly worthy goals, obviously…still, I’m not sure that that’s my focus at this point in my life. 

To wit–I do a fair amount of public speaking.  I was invited to speak at a local school, in observation of MLK JR day, to speak about diversity.  Certainly there are very good things about racial diversity and integration and all of that stuff.  Still, I cannot help but feel that there’s something slightly disingenuous about the way that it’s being taught nowadays.  Perhaps, then, my charge is to change the way that it’s being taught?

In either event, I’m torn.  I’m a bleeding heart liberal, but I don’t always know the principles behind being a bleeding heard liberal.  I’ll write more later, but here’s a few links to the stuff that I’m working on right now for other sites.  This other site, mind you, is for an institute at Ohio State University, so it’s SLIGHTLY more academic than the stuff that I typically write.  But not much.

Talk to you soon.


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